The Spanish Alphabet and numbers level A1


Spanish alphabet and numbers level A1

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Hola to all our friends who are just starting out on their DELE / SIELE / OPI adventure, preparing for an A1 level exam certification. We have a new video especially for you, introducing the Spanish alphabet and numbers for level A1. The video relates the Spanish system of counting to your own familiar English reference framework and explains the differences between the languages, in English. It also provides excellent pronunciation practice.

This short video with Spanish audio and English text, teaches you all you need to know to begin to understand and master these important foundational concepts. It runs for less than 10 minutes, and is shot in HD with the clearest sound quality.

Here’s the video’s link (to YouTube).

You’ll see that it was produced in-house under our “SpanishACCESS” banner. Like DELEhelp, SpanishACCESS is a specialized tutoring service of  Excellentia Didactica ( Its specific focus is on assisting English-speaking home-study students who want to actually start communicating in Spanish as quickly as possible, without too much academic theory (ACCESS stands for Accelerated Communication Course for English-Speaking Students). Tutoring is one-on-one, via Skype / Zoom, with flexible hours and individualized course programs plus free study material.

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Enjoy the video! (disfrute por favor)



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