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FlexiSpanishOne-on-one, totally individualised and flexible online course & content, designed just for YOU.

This service is available for all students, from beginners to advanced. However, it is typically most suited to students who already have a basic knowledge of Spanish and who want to maintain it, or build upon it, through regular conversation classes via Skype, that are structured for and focused on YOUR goals.

Otherwise, if you have a very specific study objective that isn’t compatible with one of our frameworks below (such as a job-related learning need with unique terminology), our FlexiSpanish approach will permit us to agree and  design for you a personalized package.

SPECIALIZATIONS available under FLEX-Spanish include: BrainGainSpanish (for those in their golden years who want to keep the gray matter active, and who know that science has proven that learning a new language is the best way for doing so); Spanish for Business, and SpanishTeachAssistant (for high achievers in school, who want to supplement or substitute school group classes with our 1-on-1 personalized coaching).

Vocational SpanishIndividualized tutorial packages designed especially for missionaries, medical practitioners, diplomats, environmentalists and the like (and/or their spouses) taking up postings to Spanish-speaking countries or serving communities with significant Hispanic populations. We focus on the relevant vocabulary and subject content (not forgetting the social dimension and the  everyday linguistic challenges of setting up home in a foreign language environment). Our tutorial assistance can supplement in-house language academy courses, or be free-standing. Our content is practical and relevant, our hours completely flexible and our rates unbeatable.

Our PAYMENT system is simple and secure, using PayPal – no sales taxes or international transfer costs.

Our SCHEDULING system (with Acuity): for more info, click here.