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DELE exam dates 2022

Here are the Spanish DELE exam dates 2022 (“examen DELE”) plus the preceding last days for registering for each session.

To register for a specific exam level and particular session to be sat at an exam center of your choice, first go to the website of the Spanish government’s Instituto Cervantes (which administers the exams). You can access the section on exam inscriptions via this link:

The site explains the process. In brief, you have to choose at which one of the six levels you want to sit the exam (there are also additional levels for school kids), at which session you want to do it (i.e., the date) and at which exam center. If you wish to do the exam in Spain itself, then you can register online. For doing it at one of the many overseas exam centers, you will have to physically go to the exam center of your choice and complete the registration there.

You can see the accredited exam centers here:

Keep in mind that not all accredited exam centers offer all the levels of the exam (as advertised above) at every scheduled session. This is mainly due to centers needing to have suitably qualified examiners for the oral part of the exam, for every level offered, available on the session date at their particular center. Some big centers have such certified examiners as permanent residents, but smaller centers often depend on Madrid to send them examiners – which is only done when the center meets a certain quota of entrants for the particular level. It is therefore important to enquire beforehand, whether the center of your choice is certain to be able to offer the particular level on the date you prefer – otherwise, you may receive an e-mail on the last day of registration informing you that your center no longer will offer that particular level on the given date (which then leaves you stuck, because you cannot easily then register with another center).

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Buena suerte with your DELE exam preparation!

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